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Which Mask is best for different skin care conditions

What is the benefit of using a facial mask? The beneficial effects of a good facial routine can be reinforced by a specific mask application. The most important actions a mask are general refining and stimulation. A mask is a preparation that contains various ingredients to which active substances are added to form a past or emulsion. The product is smoothed over the face (and neck if required), avoiding the eyes, lips and nostrils and is left to act for 5- 15 minutes, according to type. Several masks can be used at the same time by applying a specific mask to specific areas of the face and neck. Tip: first think about the end result you or your customer wants.

Wild Rose Beauty Balm is non-drying, balancing and deeply-nourishing. It can be use used in a variety of ways and as a mask at least twice a week.

Frankincense Firming Mask is a non-drying, non-sticky gel formulation, hydrating, firming & line smoothing, helping to tighten and tone all skin types. With frankincense, ultra-moisturising hyaluronic acid, firming marine algae and a smoothing tripeptide, it’s a weekly treatment that also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Reviving White Tea Mask, suitable for all skin types, this award-winning detoxifying face mask cleanses and nurtures skin. With antioxidant-rich white tea to help counteract the effects of pollutants and detoxifying kaolin clay to draw out impurities, use as a weekly treat for skin that feels cleansed and revived.

Rose Formula Antioxidant Facial Mask, award winning antioxidant facial mask, with nurturing damask rose, revitalises and brightens normal and dehydrated skin types. With a blend of gently exfoliating maple, gotu kola, purifying kaolin and pink clay, this weekly treatment helps to tone and firm your skin while encouraging a fresher, brighter complexion. Toning, brightening and firming with omega-rich oils.

Palmerosa Purifying Facial Mask, for the ultimate deep-clean, minimises the appearance of blemishes, our deeply cleansing facial mask detoxes and rebalances oily and combination skin. With naturally cleansing green clay and purifying palmarosa, it helps to unblock your pores, minimise the appearance of blemishes and remove everyday impurities. For oily, combination, blemish prone and problem skin types. Cleanses and balances. Helps to decongest the skin and unblock pores. Oil balancing

Can you tell me which one is missing? Yes, it's the gorgeous Rose formula mask!



Me-time! Clients find this treatment so effective, so I decided that today is for me.

Ear candles are a century old remedy used by many cultures worldwide. Ear candles are now being used in the modern world as a healing and relaxation treatment.

Ear candles give your ears a natural warmth and help restore balance in your body. Ear candling should always be carried out by a qualified therapist.

I qualified many years ago and have successes in many different areas, examples are as simple as helping to fend off a cold, a client suffering with balance problems, excess catarrh, relaxation, improving hearing, safe removal of excess ear wax, sinus problems and ear aches.

I combine the ear candling with facial lymphatic drainage massage to complete the treatment, and have included in the picture two of my fabulous Neal's Yard Remedies products to assist the ambience, they are 'relaxation remedy to roll' and I pop a couple of drops of the De-stress essential oil blend into my Zen diffuser.


Managing the Menopause naturally

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The facial skin condition called Rosacea!

The facial skin condition called Rosacea! Causes and top tips to help keep it under control. Do your cheeks suddenly flush or even 'burn'? Are you suffering with tiny blister-type spots on your nose and chin? Do you have full-blown Rosacea?


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