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Hydrate and Rejuvenate your skin

Written by Helen on

If you want to give your skin a hydrating and moisturising boost then this may be the range for you.

As always, the ideas and stories here are from my own experiences with working in the skin care industry and latterly working with this organic range.  I offer consultations to help with your skin care choices and can send samples (UK only) if you would like to try them first, otherwise, do feel free to jump in and order what you like (the link is at the bottom of this blog).

So, WHO is this range best for?

If gives all skin types a hydrating and moisturising boost and contains a blend of restful mandarin, relaxing bergamot and rejuvenating frankincense.  And my tip here, is to warm a little of the moisturiser on your fingertips before applying, then inhale and allow the aromas to start working in a 'mindful', meditative way.  You don't have of course, but it is worth doing this a couple of times a week!

I love the flexibility of this 'classic' Frankincense range as it offers great choices for each individual's skin regime, it helps to take the guess work out of the decision making ....for example ....

Cleansing - do you prefer a facial wash or a cream cleanser?

Toner - do you prefer to 'wipe' or 'spritz'?

Moisturiser - do you prefer a hydrating moisturiser, or a richer nourishing cream?

Facial Oil or a Serum? - do you prefer a nourishing omega-rich facial oil or a hydration boosting serum?

Lip Serum? - yes, we have an excellent one in this range, in fact its a multi-tasker and is a combined Eye & Lip Serum to really target the lines that collect in these area.

Facial Mask? oh yes - a fabulous firming mask that conditions and hydrates.

If Frankincense is so wonderful, how about a Fragrance?  - oh, most definitely!  It's the No. 1 Pure Essence Eau do Parfum Frankincense.  I love it ..... to me, I always feel clear, gentle and light (clear) headed when I use it, and in fact, when I'm muggy headed I'll sprint to use this fragrance!

Over to you now ..... which sounds interesting?

You can order (UK) by contacting me, or go direct to these links:

Classic Frankincense Skin Care

No. 1 Frankincense Eau de Parfum fragrance