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Basic Easy Good skin care

Written by Helen on

Let's start at the beginning .... let's get as perfect a skin as possible in the quickest possible time.

Why use a cleanser, why not just use water?  Well .... would you just wash your clothes with water?  And expect them to be clean afterwards?

This is the most basic routine you should follow to ensure your skin is happy and healthy.  It consists of three basic quick steps: cleanse, tone and moisturise. 

I've seen incredible results in less than a month when done twice a day.

Cleanse: Cleansing your skin morning and night helps remove daily environmental dirt, bacteria and make-up (if worn).  Cleansing properly also enables your skin to renew itself more quickly, giving you a radiant and healthy glow.
Cleansing milks or creams are very gently and suitable for all skin types, whereas foaming facial cleansers tend to have a more drying action more suitable to oily or normal skin types.

Tone:  Toning completes the cleansing process by removing excess cleanser from the skin, refines pores, helps to restore the skin's pH balance, and prepares the skin for moisturisation.  Look for toners that are free from alcohol.

Moisturise:  Moisturisers can supplement and keep moisture in the skin, kepping it healthy, supple, smooth and protected.  Even oily skins need feeding.  Moisturisers look after the top layer of our skin acting like our daily drink of 'water', making the difference between looking like a plum or a prune.  Make sure your moisturiser is free from mineral oil or paraffin based ingredients as these tend to coat and may clog the skin.

I use Neal's Yard Remedies skin care via my account with NYROrganic and offer free consultations to help you find the best range for you.

These are the basic steps to start with, and I've seen incredible skin improvements using them.

However, there is always room for more help and improvement and this is where 'layering up' with serums and facial oils can speed up or add in additional help where needed.  I explain about serums in another post.