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Tried & Trusted - Hay Fever, sore throat & itchy skin remedies from Helen

Written by Helen on

Hi everyone, today I'm sharing my tried and trusted 'summertime' remedies and hope they will help you too.

Some people suffer all year long from various allergies, while others it is seasonal.  No matter which affects you or maybe your friends and family, I hope that some of the ideas and advice in this blog with help you.

Please note that if you would like to buy products in the UK, Ireland or France, you can buy directly from my Neal's Yard Remedies Organic website  or have your own account - just contact me for more help.

Puffy, tired eyes ... maybe they feel sore or hot too?  I use White Tea Eye Gel (£24).  I love this product and even though I only apply it around my eyes it really soothes and calms my eyes.

Sneezing due to hayfever or other allergy - I take an extra Vitamin C Boost capsule when this happens & finds it calms the sneezing almost straight away. I take 2 every morning to help support my immune system plus lots of other benefits, but find taking an extra one when I need it, really does help me.  Why? - because Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a natural antihistamine and it known as a common and easy way to treat allergic reactions. (£12.50 60 tabs)

Sore throat - maybe due to infection, or that scratchy throat caused by hay fever - I find the Elderberry & Propolis Throat Spray is magical!  One spray to back of my mouth and it calms it immediately - I love the taste too.  (£15)

Dry throat - Eucaplytus Pastilles - a must for every occasion!  (£6)

Calmness and Coolness at all time, mentally and physically - White Tea Facial Mist.  A ligh, refreshing facial spritzer, I find it cooling & calming to my skin, and very calming to my nerves when they are frazzled!  The smell is divine as well as so reassuring.  I always have a bottle on my desk and definitely one in my handbag when travelling.  The spray bottle is 45 mls, so perfect for travelling on aircraft too.  (£13)

Itchy skin, prickly heat and itchy rashes - Stellaria Cream - in my view, this is the best ever and I always have one to hand ready to apply to any itchiness.  For prickly heat it really is magical, I keep applying as often as needed ( & sometimes it seems constant!), but it does calm down and then I use it when and as needed. (£7)

Itchy or sensitive face - try the Sensitive range, but contact me if you'd like some samples of this affordable range.

Itchy or sensitive body wash - try the Create your Own Hair & Body wash.  Use this in the bath or shower and I find it incredibly calming.  Amazing value too and suitable for the whole family.  £6.50 for 250 mls, just a capful in your bath is usually enough.

Itchy or sensitive body lotion - Calendula & Oat Lotion.  So cooling and calming. £21.50 200 mls. Pump pot.

To drink - hot or cold!  Bright Start - lemon & nettle tea.  Lemon has so many uses but do you know about the anti-inflammatory effects of nettle?  £4.  18 teabags.

And YES, I do use all of these and get super feedback from my customers about them, hence my confidence in writing about them.

I hope this information helps you.